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10 Homies We Met in California


10 Homies We Met in California

1. John GRS (@JohnGRS)

John aka The Plug. We picked up John the first minute we got to LA and the rest of the trip was history. He's filmed for Trap Nation, Steve AikoMarshmello,  and more. This Hawaiian travelling photographer/videographer is currently living in LA but is always catching flights worldwide.

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2. Nick Pallauf (@NickPallauf)
We kicked it with Musical.ly phenomenon Nick for a photoshoot in Hollywood. Although most of his followers are 16-year-old girls, his pics are dope. Here he is in the Light Denim Joggers He looks like Mario Lopez, no?

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3. Zander Shine (@zandershine)

Zander moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue passions for adventure as an extreme sports enthusiast, skydiver, and surfer. He's worked with top dogs such as GoPro and Redbull, safe to add TEAMLTD to that list.


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4. Joshua Forsberg (@JoshuaForsberg)
16 years old and his DM's are full.  Take a number ladies. 

That time of year again❄️😋🎃 Photo @johngrs

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5. Kane (@kanecandrade)

We met up with Kane at 5:30AM to catch the sunrise at the Golden Gate Bridge. Watch what we got up to here. She only picked up a Camera a year ago. Check out her incredible tones. 

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6. Maddy Love (@Maddylove23)
Met Mads at Starbucks...Standard. Before shooting she took us to the BEST sushi in Huntington Beach. Shot the rooftop, beach, and street. More pics to come! 

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7. Carlos Perdomo (@Carlosperdomooo)
Picked up Carlitos at 4AM in San Diego before hitting the Glamis Dunes for a Sunrise. T'was a FULL send. Check out the video here.  

8. Sam Cahill (@Sam_Cahill)
Artist from Seatle but living in LA because his content is straight fire. 

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9. Wesley Stimmell (@wesley627)

After trecking for over 30 mins through the dunes without water we ran into Wesley who was ripping in his Dune Buggie. He noticed we were struggling so helped out the crew by giving us a ride back to the truck. This guy's a legend. 

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10. Brayden Hall (@BrayBrayWooWoo)
Glacier Point Road, about an hour drive out of Yosemite Valley we met Brayden, the founder of @AllAboutAdventures. He had MASSIVE blisters on BOTH of his ankles for hiking in cheap kicks. He literally travels for a living. Not a bad gig, eh? 


By Andrea Edward