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A Beginner's Guide To Living The Dream


A Beginner's Guide To Living The Dream

A Beginners Guide To: Living The Dream


It’s no secret that here at TEAMLTD we are dedicated to Living The Dream. Before this past year, what Living The Dream meant for us was pretty simple - good times and simply living your absolute best life. Well, this past year our lives have obviously changed a lot, and this has gotten us thinking about what exactly it means to live the dream. Pandemic times flipped our world upside down, affecting pretty well all activities that we felt fell under the category of truly Living The Dream... We couldn’t party like we use to, we couldn’t host events, film our regular content and even getting to the cottage on the weekends was a challenge at times.


So this is the part where we had to pivot. To live the dream doesn't always have to be about where you are and the things you’re doing. Living The Dream is a lifestyle and starts with your mindset. It’s the way you go about your day, how you treat yourself and the people around you. It’s a state of mind that turns into a state of life. We wanted to share this mindset with you so that we can all feel our best and live our best lives. Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to Living The Dream.


Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

We’re all guilty of getting caught up in the many stressors life throws our way. This stress can come from anything really: work, school, finances, family, friends, relationships... the lists goes on. Often we let this stress consume us when we really shouldn’t. A lot of the time the things we obsess over are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. If you have the ability to unwind, take a deep breath, live in the moment, and accept things as they come then you are on the right path to Living The Dream. Be mindful. Be present. 


Surround Yourself With Good

Good tunes, good food and good humans. That right there is what the dream life is made of. Each one of these things can fill your life up with happiness, so why not do more things that involve all three? On the topic of good humans, don't be afraid to shed the deadweight - not everyone is deserving of your energy. Remember that.


Don’t Be Afraid To Put Yourself Out There 

We can’t stress this one enough. To truly live your dream, you have to put yourself out there. We heard a quote recently that really resonated with us...

“Greatness and embarrassment exist in the same space, if you’re not willing to be embarrassed then you’re probably not willing to be great.”

This couldn’t be more true. If you let the fear of embarrassment stop you from doing something, like applying for a job, reaching out to an old friend, starting that passion project or even sliding into a DM then you’ll never have the opportunity to be great. So shoot your shot, don’t be afraid to take a chance, and Living The Dream will just come naturally. Who the f cares if you're doing what you love. Switch up that mentality and go for it. We're here for you!


Get Rid Of Anything That No Longer Serves You

You will gain some serious insight and satisfaction once you release yourself from the things that are holding you back. Sometimes these things can vary from a job, a place, or even a person. Letting something go or walking away is never really easy but the internal reward and release you will feel, makes it all worth it in the end. It's time to prioritize YOU.


When Opportunity Presents Itself, Take It

Zero hesitations. If you alter your mindset, anything can be an opportunity and once you start taking these offers you will see massive change. In every opportunity, there is room to learn, grow, meet new people, and overall just better yourself. If you start hopping on opportunities when they come, then you will be living your dream in no time. That's that on that.


Take Care Of YOU

This one is so simple but we often struggle with this the most. You have to put yourself first. You really can’t take care of someone else until you take care of yourself. You cannot fill someone else's cup with an empty cup... in the spirit of red solo cup language. At the end of the day, you really are the only person who will be in your life forever so it’s crucial that you are happy and healthy.


We're all just human beings being human. We're all learning, growing, failing and getting right back up - sometimes it's hard to see that through all the noise. So as we said before, there really isn’t one way to Live The Dream. The only real way is to just be fully and authentically YOU and the rest will come naturally. Thank you for coming to our slightly sappy presentation - sometimes it has to happen ya know.


Anyways, we would love to hear what Living The Dream means to you. Tag us on our socials to let us know! In the meantime, keep on Living The Dream!

By Marketing TEAMLTD