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Cavendish Proves the East Coast is a BEAST Coast


Cavendish Proves the East Coast is a BEAST Coast

It’s official! Cavendish is crazy! After a wild week of adventure and travel on the East Coast, the team is back in town. The AC in the Dream Machine may have broken down on the trek across the country but that didn’t stop us from having a killer time. Driving a 38’ RV is an adventure in itself so we were excited when we finally arrived in PEI and got to relax with a swim in the (very cold, yet awesome) Atlantic Ocean.

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The weekend started off with ripping it up on festival grounds and also getting to enjoy the beautiful beach scenery Cavendish has to offer. Mix in awesome music and a few Coors Light and that was our recipe for a good time!

What better way to rip it up in PEI than to cook up fresh east coast lobster? Our young gun @TheRealJustinReynolds  was our chef in PEI and treated us to BBQ each night including being our lobster master. The team absolutely loved this east coast delicacy.

Our favourite day of music was Sunday when our hometown homies James Barker Band & The Reklaws both played to massive crowds and absolutely crushed it! Luke Bryan followed up with a stellar performance as he always does and that wrapped up our weekend of music in PEI!

Fired up for another day at @cavendishbeachmusic!

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On our way out we had the chance to explore and truly appreciate PEI’s red and golden sand beaches. TEAMLTD is proud to call this huge gorgeous country our home and native land. We’re stoked for the rest of the summer cruising in the Dream Machine. 

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