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Summer 2021 Bucket List


Summer 2021 Bucket List

Got the Ontario blues? Don’t worry, we’re with you. We're getting real excited about reopening but as we dive into our second pandemic summer we’re going to make the most out of these next couple months. Here at TEAMLTD, we are still as determined as ever to have fun, make memories, and keep on Living The Dream. We put together a list of COVID(ish) friendly activities for you to do this summer with your bubble buds.


Cocktail Competition

It’s no secret that we are missing the bars so that just means we have to bring the bars to us. A cocktail competition is exactly what you need. Grab a few glasses, some ice, and the ingredients to make your favourite drink. Let the games begin. This is your chance to perfect your bartending skills while getting in some friendly competition. Can your tequila sunrise beat your sister’s peach mojito? Your bubble will be the judge of that! Be warned, it's a slippery slope. The bigger the bubble, the more rounds you have to get through! Take it one step further by assigning a theme to each round in separate rooms for a little bar crawl action. Good luck!


Beer Pong Table 

This is your sign to make your own beer pong table. This boozy DIY has been trending on social media platforms like TikTok and Pinterest and we just can’t get enough of it. It’s the perfect project to let your imagination run wild while also making something that's obviously very useful. You can paint anything you want on these tables, from your favourite bev, to your favourite band or favourite clothing brand *wink* TEAMLTD *wink*. You can have a lot of fun with this project and this is your chance to get some pong practice in so you're ready for the real world.


Paddle Boarding 

There is nothing like going out for a paddle on hot summer days. Don’t have a paddleboard? That’s no problem. Look up the beaches in your hometown and see if they have any available to rent. Highly recommend.



Camping is the move this summer. When we can’t hit the town, it’s time to hit the woods. We have some of the most beautiful parks here in Canada that are just waiting to be explored! Camping sites are starting to open up so slide in for those bookings! If all else fails, backyard camping is honestly underrated and a fun way to spend the weekend with your bubble (or to get away from your bubble lol). 


 Hike A New Trail

Like campsites, we are so fortunate to have such beautiful hiking trails in Canada. The odds are, there are probably some pretty fantastic trails in your own city that you haven’t hiked yet. This summer we challenge you to hike a trail you’ve never taken before. Be safe but like, get exploring.


Homemade Lemonade 

When life gives you a global pandemic, make lemonade! This will seriously bring you back to your childhood. Lemonade is the perfect summer refreshment and hey, if you want to slip a little something stronger into your mix, we won’t judge. Actually, pass it this way please.  


Try A New Sport

From golfing to baseball to water skiing and wakeboarding, summer sports are on a different level and you need to try them ALL. We never said you have to be good at them.


BBQ Cook-Off

Does your family ever argue over who’s burger is better? Does your dad think he can out-grill everybody? It’s time to test that out. Your bubble needs to have a BBQ cook-off to see who really is the grill master. Pour a couple of bevs and turn that propane dial, it’s time to get serious and get cooking. Oh also please don't blame us if this turns into a full-on brawl... y'all get so sensitive about your grilling abilities.


Berry Picking

There isn’t anything quite as wholesome as grabbing a woven basket and picking some farm-fresh berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, you name it, Ontario has it. Take a day trip with your bubble to your local berry farm and get picking! One for me, one for the basket. You know how it is.



Depending on the current restrictions, if you can go for a road trip with your bubble, absolutely do it. Road-trips are filled with the kind of vibes we all need in our lives. Go. Now. 


Picnic Date

Good food, good views, good people. There is nothing quite like having a picnic. Pack up your favourite snacks, drinks, a classic checkered blanket and set it up at your desired location. We like the parks downtown but anywhere works. 


Lake Day

This one is self-explanatory. Lake days are simply what summer's made of. 


Learn A New Skill

Feeling like you’ve got too much time on your hands? Now is your chance to take that time and put it towards something you’ve always wanted to do. Use this opportunity to pick up the guitar, learn a language, start to garden, or whatever it is you’ve been dreaming about. Even though the worlds on pause, you don’t have to be. We've got nothin' but time.


After the year we’ve had, we all deserve to have a good summer. Let’s make the most of what we’ve got and fill these next few months with good times and sunshine. We always want to see what Living The Dream means to you so tag us in your summer photos and use the hashtag #LivingTheDream2021. 

Cheers & Happy Bucket-Listing Everybody!

By Marketing TEAMLTD