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2022 Summer Seltzer Review


Summer 2022 Seltzer Review

Summer if here, and if you’re like us then you're probably trying to spend those sunny days by the water, in a lawn chair with a drink in your hand. Every year around this time we’re searching for that special drink to sip on. Just like last year, we're calling it, Hard Seltzers are once again the drink of the summer. Low cal, low sugar but still packed with flavour and they definitely get the job done. Check out our review of some of this summer's favourite drinks....


Cottage Springs Vodka Lemon Iced Tea 9.5/10

Cottage Spring Ice Tea

  • Unreal, doesn't taste like a vodka soda but packs a punch
  • Not too sweet
  • No weird sugar-free taste


White Claw Hard Seltzer Lemon Iced Tea 9/10
White Claw Iced Tea
  • White Claw came on to scene with a bang and continues to deliver while adding new flavours
  • Not quite as good as the Cottage Springs Iced Tea, but we still rank this one high


Social Lite Cream Soda Craft Seltzer 8/10
Social Lite Cream Soda Craft Seltzer
  • Social Lite nailed the flavour here, this one definitely tastes like cream soda
  • Not too sweet, but just sweet enough

 Social Lite Fruit Punch Box 8/10
Social Lite Fruit Punch Box
  • Goes down extremely easy
  • Tastes like fruit punch flavoured water

Truly Peach Tea Hard Seltzer 8/10
Truly Peach Tee Hard Seltzer
  • As described, tastes just like peach tea
  • Not quite as good as our other hard iced tea options but if you like a little peach flavour give this one a shot


Sandbagger Boysenberry Hard Seltzer 8/10
Sandbagger Boysenberry

  • Definitely good, but not not quite as good as the OG

Bud Lite Seltzer Passion Fruit 5/10
Bud Lite Seltzer Passion Fruit

  • No Bueno
  • Tastes a little fake

Coors Seltzer Fruit Punch 8/10
Bud Lite Seltzer Passion Fruit

  • A tad bit sweet for our tastebuds but still enjoyable
  • Fruity and refreshing

Bangarang Blue Raspberry Hard Seltzer 9/10
Bangarang Hard Seltzer

  • Fresh on the scene, Bangarang has a great lineup of flavours for 2022
  • Blue Raspberry is a new flavour to the Seltzer scene and we give it two thumbs up

Georgian Bay Watermelon Vodka Smash 7/10
Georgian Bay Vodka Smash
  • Tasty watermelon flavour
  • Feels like it's missing a little something
Corona Tropical Lime & Cactus 7/10

Corona Tropical Lime & Cactus

  • We were fired up to see Corona come out with some seltzers this season
  • Unique flavour to this one & great taste overall

We hope you enjoyed our review of these 2022 Seltzers and highly recommend you give them all a shot to see what you think. Tag us on our socials if we missed one of your favourites, lots of options this year and tough to try them all!

We have a massive summer ahead of ourselves and need to remember to keep ourselves fuelled up.

Stay hydrated friends!

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