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TEAMLTD HAPPY HOUR RECIPE: Stars, Stripes & Seltzer


TEAMLTD HAPPY HOUR RECIPE: Stars, Stripes & Seltzer

Okay, so this one goes out to our southern neighbours in honour of your 4th of July celebrations and festivities this weekend. We call this one the Stars, Stripes & Seltzer.
This ingredients in this drink are pretty simple. All you’ll need are some lemons, rocket popsicles, and the seltzer or vodka soda of your choice. Then you're just going to put one popsicle in each glass. Now simply pour your seltzer over top.
This makes for a fun and easy red, white and blue drink in honour of the 4th of July. You’re going to have fun with this one, we know we did.

Tag us on your socials if you try it out - cheers everyone and happy 4th of July!

By Marketing TEAMLTD