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Thailand Adventures with Contiki - Part 2


Thailand Adventures with Contiki - Part 2

Completely exhausted from the last 24 hours we woke up in Bangkok and headed to the airport for an early flight. We were headed south and after a quick 75-minute flight we landed in Trang. Upon arrival, we met our new guides who gave us a briefing and some tips on local greetings, useful Thai words and a bunch of other pro tips. A quick roadside stop to try deep-fried jackfruit before we headed inland to experience basket weaving in a wet jungle-like atmosphere, definitely a new experience for us! Learning from the talented owners of the facility we weaved grass into handbags and had ourselves self-made souvenirs.

After finishing our basket weaving we headed to a nearby restaurant for another incredible Thai lunch. Our guide showed us the ropes on choosing a Thai restaurant, find the busiest one and you know you're getting delicious (and safe) food.



We were back on the road for a 3-hour drive to the wetlands and spent the night in Phatthalung at another incredible resort. The vibe was that of a ‘Survivor Show’ with wooden boardwalks, lanterns, and huts on stilts. Once again we were lucky enough to be personally greeted by the owner of the resort who was a beauty and checked us into our rooms. Paqs and I were handed two keys and had to guess which one had the better view. I got lucky and won this round, I had an incredible view looking out over Thailand’s largest Lagoon. We could see fishing nets across the horizon posted up on wooden structures, a breathtaking view!



After taking in the scenery we had to tap out and have another early night to prepare for a 5am wake up call and another day filled with adventure. There’s something special about sleeping in the middle of nowhere with the sound of crickets & other critters running around nearby, we really felt in tune with our environment in this magical place. 

Another incredible day and we’re excited about what experiences we had coming our way in the morning!

Over and out 👊

Jacob & Paqs

By Jacob Degrace