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Thailand Adventures with Contiki - Part 3


Thailand Adventures with Contiki - Part 3

What a blast we had adventuring around Thailand with Contiki Canada & the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)! We were fortunate to experience a variety of Thailand experiences in a short two-week trip, from city life in Bangkok to life in the wetlands of Phatthalung.



The first part of our trip was spent with TAT and was filled with action and new experiences from exploring Bangkok, treated ourselves to incredible Thai meals, being treated to traditional Thai massages and a ton more experiences that we will hold tight to us. We tried deep-fried Jackfruit, learned how to basketweave, spent time in the wetlands and were shown Thailand's largest lagoon by the local fisherman. 



The next part of our trip was spent on a Contiki adventure and it was everything we expected and more! We met up with our group in Thailand and got to know each other over another great meal and some tasty Chang beers. One beer led to another as they occasionally do and we ended up hitting the bar scene in one of the most chaotic & wild party streets in Bangkok - Khao San Road. We ate scorpions, had more beers, and danced our hearts out until early morning!

Tired and feeling the "Chang-over" we headed back into Bangkok for some shopping & drinks at a local market. Little did we expect we would be getting there on the bumpy and fast-moving Tuk Tuks.... not easy on unsettled stomach. We settled in, shot some footage of the local area and took in the surrounding culture. This was accompanied by local food vendors, live music, tequila shots and roasted bugs. To our surprise they tasted way better than we thought they would. Maybe it was the tequila....



From there we were headed to these beautiful floating rafts on the River Kwai. Little did we know we would literally be sleeping on the river completely off the grid with no electricity, plumbing, or running water. This was the perfect time to just sit on the dock, open a beer and enjoy the sounds of the jungle. The flowing river was the perfect way to cool off, accompanied by a float and another beer. The day was capped off with an authentic local cooked dinner with the entire crew and a traditional dancing show which included the locals and live music. An amazing experience cut off from the outside world. As we fell asleep to the flowing river, we were excited to let the body heal after a long few days. After waking up we headed back down the river to the bus to begin the rest of our journey through Thailand. 



The next highlight of the trip was Chiang Mai, an older city home to beautiful temples and one of their top tourist highlights; elephant sanctuaries. We were super excited to meet these majestic animals. But it was a much more fulfilling experience than we could ever imagine. Once we were acquainted with the elephants, we got to feed them, film them in their habitat and bath them. This was a once in a lifetime experience and will go down as our top highlight of the trip.

Before we knew it it was time to pack up, head to the airport, and fly home. The experiences & memories that we made on this 2 week trip to Thailand were like none other & will forever be imprinted on us!

A few of these memories really stuck out to us & will go down as some of the coolest things we have ever gotten to experience! We can't wait for our next Contiki experience. Check out a recap of our adventures and let us know what you think!

Jacob (@lifeofjacob) & Paqs (@paqsofficial)


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By Jacob Degrace