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The Nerds Are Taking Over


The Nerds Are Taking Over

As per a tweet by Frank Seravalli, it is believed that Cam Lawrence is a name to look out for in the Pen's new GM search. 

After that fraud, Kyle Dubas, dramatically left the Leafs literally a day after saying he would stick by the team and "we wouldn't see him with another club tomorrow," he has signed on as the new President of Hockey Operations with the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

So I guess it wasn't just more money Dubas was looking for, but more power as well. He was looking to take Shanahan's job right out from under him after Shanny basically spoon-fed him throughout the Leafs organization, coming up through the Marlies and eventually landing the big job with the Leafs. 

But now Dubas finds himself in his biggest role yet with the Penguins. His first order of business now is to find a GM to help take the reigns at a club with a crippling core aging out of the league they once dominated. 

Cam Lawrence, a hockey analytic consultant for the Columbus Blue Jackets, is atop the list of candidates for the role. Lawrence previously worked for the Florida Panthers and now lives in Pittsburgh, where he is currently the CFO at GNC! 

My man is a walking numbers machine... sound familiar? Dubas, who took over as the Leafs GM after the great Lou Lamoriello couldn't find success in the hockey mecca of the world, was best recognized as the whizkid with a new outlook on the sport. A modern adaptation of Moneyball is the philosophy Dubas ran ship with. He looked for different players to fill different roles and found his way around the salary cap with his back against the wall. 

Lawerence has previously interviewed for GM job during this Pens search, but I would have to agree with Frank in thinking that Laerence might just be one of the top wild cards to come into the conversation with the new boss coming to town. 

Who knows, Dubas might just see a little bit of himself in Lawerence. 

If I was a Pens fan, I would be pretty fired up about this possibility. It's not like the Penguins haven't had success before. This new way of thinking the game might just be what they need to spark their fire again for one last run at The Cup with this core. 

By LTD Sco