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Sneaking Into a Country Concert in Toronto


Sneaking Into a Country Concert in Toronto

If you’re into live music, you know there is nothing better then an outdoor concert with the crew in the middle of summer, especially a Country Concert.

With this in my mind, I knew I had to scope out the summer setlist at the legendary Amphitheater in Toronto. I saw that in June one of my favorite artists, Thomas Rhett, was coming to the Bud Stage and I knew it would be a heater of a night and I had to be there.  

One small problem, the cheapest tickets were two-hundred and fifty f****** dollars! Fast track one month later I'm still down about the fact I couldn’t make it to the show. On concert day we were chilling at HQ after work and still desperately looking for last-minute cheap tickets. In my desperate mindset, I was intrigued by a post on Facebook about cheap tickets and proceeded to message the person to try and make a deal. With an unbeatable price of $50/ticket, I couldn’t say no. As you probably saw coming, right as the PayPal transfer went through, I was blocked by the person and never saw my ticket. 

As I sat there feeling bad for myself, an idea came over me to head down to the show to scalp some last-second tickets. I had already convinced my friends to go with me before I knew I had been scammed so the FOMO was real for this one. So we're crushing beers pre-show trying to pool together cash to get tickets for 5 people. 

As ridiculous as it sounds we were so motivated to go that we hopped on a train and made it down. As we walk towards the gates pretty unconfident that we’ll find some available tickets, we notice an open gate that says VIP above it. Without hesitation, our group of 5 confidently walk towards the gate and stroll on through. We walked past 5 security guards who were out for a dart and just keep walking past hoping they wouldn't say anything, and they didn't...

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Toronto!!!!!! Good grief y’all were insane🙌🏼

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We did it. 

We were past the point of no return and it was time to go grab a beer. 

Game time baby. 

The show freaking rocked, not only were we listening to killer live music from Thomas Rhett, we were experiencing this whole show FOR FREE which felt like an overtime win in the playoffs!

The night was such a blast in general, the boys were BUZZING and we left knowing we didn't have to drop $250 for a lawn ticket!

I definitely should not be promoting this and I do not suggest you try this as our experience was a crazy anomaly that only happened because of the lapse in security.

If you haven't made it to any concerts at Bud Stage yet, I highly suggest you do. Or come join us at our classic KEE to Bala rips because... well, if you know, you know. NOTHING beats a Muskoka KEE rip in the summer!

By Devlin Forsyth