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Floaties Party


10 Floaties to Watch out for This Summer

The Floaty trend is inevitable. Keep an eye out for the following floaties this summer.

1. The Unicorn 

The all-time classic, you know it's coming. 

A post shared by Shania (@shaniaperrett) on


2. Pink Flamingo

Double taps all day if you have a Pink Flamingo in your feed. 


3. White Swan 

You vs. your dog. Who has the better Instagram?  

A post shared by Q U I L L A (@frenchiequilla) on


4. Pool Shell

 This is the aquatic throne you have been waiting for. Don't hesitate, just pose. 

A post shared by Dominique (@dom.overseas) on


5. Hot dog

Sup Dog? 


6. Pizza float

Your favorite food just turned into an insta hit. 


7. Squat floaty 

The floaty made to fit the whole squad. No man left behind with this beast on the water. 

A post shared by BoardersMag (@boardersmag) on


8. Pineapple 

Better than pineapple itself! No pricks on this one just relaxing. 

A post shared by Floaties ™ (@floaties) on


9. Donut hesitates to post 

The Donut floaty has been around longer than Instagram itself no wonder its still sick.  

A post shared by Kiley (@fitbykiki) on


10.  Rose

Rose all day. 



By The Team